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The procedure known as ‘Rhinoplasty’ is one where the Board Accredited Plastic Surgeon adjusts the size, shape or proportions of the nose to achieve a more desirable appearance. This surgical procedure is also able to correct respiratory problems caused by abnormalities of the structure of the nose shape.  While some patients try thread lifts or fillers to adjust their nose’s shape, these procedures are not without risk and don’t produce lasting results.

The Rhinoplasty procedure can change:

  • The size of the nose in relation to the proportion of the face
  • The width of the nostrils.
  • A high stem of the nose.
  • Minimize the tip of the nose.
  • Re-balance of the nose shape.

When approaching Rhinoplasty it is important to remember that  every part of the human body – left and right – is not exactly the same, and this includes the nose. Therefore the most important goal in Rhinoplasty is to  create harmony in the form of a balanced nose.

02 - 31 MAY 2018

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