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A growing child is often complimented on their ‘chubby cheeks’.  When we get older however, ‘chubby cheeks’ may no longer be so desirable and some people prefer a ‘slimmer profile’.  The solution is available at LIPS Clinic! What causes ‘chubby cheeks’ is the amount of fat in what is known as the ‘buccal fat pad’ – a fat pad underlying the face near our back teeth.  Its a simple procedure for our Board Accredited Plastic Surgeons to reduce the size of the buccal fat pad to give you a slimmer more stylish and elegant profile.  The patient is kept comfortable throughout the procedure while the Plastic Surgeon makes small incisions inside the mouth to get access to the buccal fat pad. After the appropriate amount of fat is removed the  incision is then sutured. We use naturally dissolving sutures so the patient does not need to return to have them removed, and after any initial post-operative swelling has gone away (usually under a week) everyone will admire your new, slimmer, trimmer profile.

02 - 31 MAY 2018

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